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Some samples of my work:

Food & Nutrition Magazine

Investigating Intermittent Fasting
Exploring the Gut-Brain Axis
The Controversial Conundrum of Food Sensitivities
Understanding Weight Neutrality
Understanding the Glycemic Index
Why the Low-FODMAP Diet Is a Growing Dietitian-Led Treatment for People with IBS
Built to the Bone: Why Weight-Bearing Exercise Is Key to Strong Bones
Is Dietary Sodium Really Harmful? A Complex Debate Heats Up

World of Vegan

How to Plan a Wedding When Your Partner Isn’t Vegan
Where to Find Credible Nutrition Information & Vegan Dietitians
The Low-Down on Soy: There’s No Reason to Be Afraid
Why All Vegans Should Be Weight-Inclusive
Is it Safe to Eat Foods Containing Carrageenan?
Vitamin B-12 for Vegans: What You Need to Know

Guest blogging

How to Practice Intuitive Eating as a Vegan
What’s the Difference Between a Vegan Lifestyle & a Vegan Diet?
3 Strategies for Maintaining a Vegan Lifestyle in Eating Disorder Recovery

Featured in:

A Grain Guide to Help You Decode Whole Grains
How to Fit Healthy Eating into Busy Days
Healthy Foods That Boost Your Immune System
5 Ways to Feel Better After Overeating
Vegan Tour Guide Podcast

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