5 Yoga Asanas For Better Digestion

Yoga is not only a form of physical exercise but it has major role to live life better. Yoga can be practised for several reasons, such as, back pain, body ache, stress relief and to increase energy level. But yoga experts say yoga works as wonder to encourage our digestion system. Regular practise of yoga will give you comfort from indigestion, bloating, stomach ache and constipation. However never try yoga immediately after meal. Always practise yoga after a few hours of having meal.

Yoga Poses Which Will Help You To Increase Digestion

Corpse Pose

This is the most easy and relaxing pose in yoga. Just lie down on your back. Keep some space between your two hands and legs. Close your eyes. Stay relaxed in this position for few minutes. During this pose, your blood circulation will be increased. Heart rate will slow down and you will intake more oxygen. This posture will help you to digest better.

Peacock Pose

In this pose, you have to put a pressure on your digestive system and balance your body weight on your arms. In these few minutes the blood circulation of your body will be interrupted. When you will release your position, lot off extra fresh oxygen-rich blood will flow to the digestive system.

Wind Relieving Pose

You can try Pavanamuktasana or wind relieving pose before going to bed to heal bloating. Lie down on your back. Now exhale and draw your one knee to your chest slowly. Inhale when you are releasing your knee to its position. Try with the other knee in turn.

Seated Forward Fold

This pose suggests that you need to sit down with stretched legs. Then fold forward and touch the floor with your forehead between two legs. Now hold your feet with your hands. If you can allow a pillow under your thighs, then put your belly on that pillow. Now when you will inhale it will create a pressure on your belly and when you will exhale it will flow extra blood to the body.

Half Lord Of The Fishes

You have sit down first and then put your right feet beside your left thigh and put your left feet under your right thigh. Your left feet should be placed beside your buttocks. Put your right hand on the floor for support and hold your thigh by the left hand. Then turn on your right side. This twisting pose will help you to stop blood flow and when released fresh oxygen-rich blood will flow to the digestive system.