2 Easy Ways To Make Dandelion Oil To Treat Arthritis Joint Pain

Dandelion oil is an effective remedy for joint pain. The active constituents of dandelion green help in inhibiting activities of inflammatory mediators that cause unwanted inflammation.

Massaging the painful joints with dandelion oil helps in supplying the anti-inflammatory compounds directly to the swollen tissues, which helps in providing fast relief from pain and swelling.

To avoid the adverse reactions of long-term use of pain-relief drugs, you can use dandelion oil daily to control arthritis flare-ups. Dandelion oil can be easily made at home. It is an inexpensive preparation that requires other than dandelion a few other ingredients.

Two Easy Ways To Prepare Dandelion Oil

1. Slow Infusion Method

Traditionally dandelion oil is made through the slow infusion method. This process takes up to 6 weeks to prepare the perfect dandelion oil for treating arthritis pain. Nevertheless, it is the simplest way to prepare the herbal oil.

Ingredients You Will Need

You will need only two ingredients – 2 cups of fresh dandelion flowers and 2 ½ to 3 cups of vegetable oil. For best result use olive oil as it is also packed with anti-inflammatory compounds that help in reducing joint pain and inflammation.

How To Make

Put the dandelion flowers in a clean and dry mason jar. Pour the oil over the flowers until the flowers are completely submerged in the oil. Tighten the lid of the jar. Place the herbal oil in direct sunlight daily for up to 6 weeks. After the dandelion flower compounds have fully infused with the oil, strain the oil and store it in an air tight container in a dark area.

2. Fast Infusion Method

If you don’t have the time to wait for weeks to prepare the infused oil, you can try the fast infusion method that will make the dandelion oil ready for use within a few days.

How To Make

Instead of placing the jar containing the dandelion flowers and oil in the sunlight you can infuse the oil by placing the jar on hot water. Leave the jar on the pan containing hot water until the water cools down. Wipe the jar and place it in a dark corner. The infused dandelion oil will be ready for use within 2 to 3 days. Strain the flowers and use the oil for massaging your joints.

How To Use

Take a small amount of dandelion oil and gently massage your aching joints for a few seconds with the oil. For quick result, slightly warm the dandelion oil and rub the warm oil on the joints.