Talk about arm pump! Not going to lie, the Velcro on my TuneBand popped off several times during this workout 😆 There is a reason this is called a “burnout” workout! By fatiguing the muscles to failure with supersets, you will be burning out your muscles (burn, baby, burn) by the last exercise–this is where the magic happens.

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Booty (1)


3 of the following superset:
20 close-grip EZ bar biceps curls
15 dumbbell hammer curls

3X12 incline dumbbell biceps curls


3 of the following superset:
15 assisted triceps dips
15 dumbbell triceps overhead extensions

3X15 cable rope pushdowns


3 of the following superset:
15 dumbbell shoulder presses
15 dumbbell anterior raises

3X15 dumbbell lateral raises

I promise you, this was one of the most fatiguing arm workouts I have ever done. It might take a few tries to get the weight just right–you want it heavy enough to seriously challenge you so that your last rep is pretty much to failure–but light enough that you can get up to ~15 reps.

Good luck trying to do anything with your arms after this–changing in the locker room was a challenge.


A superset is when you complete two sets of exercises back-to-back without rest in between.
3X12=4 sets of 10 reps
For guidance and instruction on proper and safe performance of an exercise, consult with an exercise professional.

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