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I write for a variety of print and digital publications including magazines, websites and blogs. I also am available for copy-editing health- and nutrition-related pieces, as well as interviews.

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Some samples of my work:

Food & Nutrition Magazine

Why are Collagen Supplements Popular?
What are Tiger Nuts?
Investigating Intermittent Fasting
Exploring the Gut-Brain Axis
The Controversial Conundrum of Food Sensitivities
Understanding Weight Neutrality
Understanding the Glycemic Index
Why the Low-FODMAP Diet Is a Growing Dietitian-Led Treatment for People with IBS
Built to the Bone: Why Weight-Bearing Exercise Is Key to Strong Bones
Is Dietary Sodium Really Harmful? A Complex Debate Heats Up

World of Vegan

How to Plan a Wedding When Your Partner Isn’t Vegan
Where to Find Credible Nutrition Information & Vegan Dietitians
The Low-Down on Soy: There’s No Reason to Be Afraid
Why All Vegans Should Be Weight-Inclusive
Is it Safe to Eat Foods Containing Carrageenan?
Vitamin B-12 for Vegans: What You Need to Know

Guest Blogging

How to Practice Intuitive Eating as a Vegan
What’s the Difference Between a Vegan Lifestyle & a Vegan Diet?
3 Strategies for Maintaining a Vegan Lifestyle in Eating Disorder Recovery

Chicago Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Vegetarian Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group

Podcasts Interviews

RD Real Talk Podcast
Vegan Tour Guide Podcast
T.O.F.U. Magazine Author Chat


6 Ways to Navigate Dietary Restrictions as a Thanksgiving Guest
7 Foods to Buy When You’re Broke
A Grain Guide to Help You Decode Whole Grains
How to Fit Healthy Eating into Busy Days
How Your Can Boost Your Intake of Iron on a Vegan Diet
Healthy Foods That Boost Your Immune System
5 Ways to Feel Better After Overeating
What are the Best (Stylish) Vegan Shoes?

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