Work your core sans exercise mat and stability ball—no crunches involved!

Short and sweet workouts are a theme this summer—because who wants to be stuck inside for hours when we our free time is precious and fleeting?

To get the most out this workout, focus on firming your core during every exercise. This workout isn’t about how much weight you can lift, it’s about performing each exercise mindfully with accurate form and an engaged core.


3X10 Wide-grip pull-ups (use assisted machine if needed)
3X10 Chin-ups (used assisted machine if needed)
3X10 Superset #1 (perform these all on the low row bench):
-Low cable rows
-Bent over single-arm dumbbell rows, left side
-Bent over single-arm dumbbell rows, right side
3X10 Superset #2 (perform these all on the hyperextension bench):
-Back hyperextensions (use body weight or hold plate in your arms against chest)
-Oblique hyperextensions, left side
-Oblique hyperextensions, right side
3X10 Decline bench sit-ups


3X10=3 sets of 10 reps
A superset is when you perform one exercise right after the other without resting. A superset of 3X10 means 3 sets of 10 reps of each of the exercises.
For guidance and instruction on proper and safe performance of an exercise, consult with an exercise professional.

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