Happy Move It Monday, everyone!

Are you enjoying these gorgeous temps around the US?

Chicago has been sunny and unseasonably warm the past few days. This made for an extra-debaucherous St. Patty’s Day weekend for many. For me it meant lots of long walks and enjoying great patio lunches and conversation in the sunshine sans hats, gloves, and big winter coats!

Photo Mar 09, 3 49 21 PM

Photo Mar 09, 3 54 18 PM

Photo Mar 07, 9 30 25 AM

I had an annoying chest cold last week so I limited my physical activity to walking and yoga. It was really tough for me to stay out of the gym, but I managed to do it in the name of health!  I didn’t lift for an entire week and I noticed a HUGE decrease in my appetite–it was pretty depressing. Dinner time would roll around and I wasn’t even hungry. So sad! It really made me realize how integral regular exercise is in my daily life. It also made me incredibly thankful for my able body.

Rest is so important, especially when we’re ill. If we don’t honor our bodies and let ourselves rejuvenate, we will surely pay for it.

It felt pretty good to get back to the weights yesterday. I did a “light” leg day to ease back into it using kettle bells and stayed out of the squat rack. Man am I SORE! I did a great super set including goblet squats, single-leg deadlifts, and stationary lunges. I will post some great leg workouts soon!

My Move It Monday consisted of lunch-hour yoga and a pleasant walk-run along the Lakefront Trail with my sister after work. I LOVE when exercise can double as meditation, therapy, or a social hour.

Exercise should feel like fun–not a punishment!

Photo Mar 16, 6 36 42 PM
Tank top run in March, woohoo!




How did you move this Monday? Have you been doing some fun outdoor activities? Share in the comments!