Happy Move It Monday!

Or not so Happy Monday, if you’re in the part of the country that looks like this:

Photo Mar 23, 1 48 25 PM


Clearly we’re not getting any endorphins from the weather today, so show this Monday who’s boss and work it out instead!

Here’s today’s Legs & Shoulders workout, with instructional photos!


  • 7 sets barbell squat (pyramid–increase weight to set 4, then come back down)
Photo Mar 23, 12 47 20 PM (1)
1 – load bar and step under, placing it on the back of your shoulders just below your neck
Photo Mar 23, 12 47 24 PM
2 – begin to lower – butt back, then hips down (break at the hips first, then bend knees)
Photo Mar 23, 12 47 23 PM
3 – keep going! you can lower until your thighs are parallel with the floor, or you can go slightly lower to recruit maximum muscles and get the most out of your squat
Photo Mar 23, 12 47 27 PM
4 – once you’ve lowered all the way down, begin to come back up in a controlled manner – straightening your knees and hips at the same rate (intense face optional)
  • 3 sets walking lunges with overhead plate – the bonus to the overhead plate versus holding dumbbells at your sides is that it fires up the shoulders!
Photo Mar 23, 1 01 05 PM
Hold plate above head with straight but not locked arms – step forward with one leg and bend to 90 degree angle – rise back up and step forward with other leg, moving forward for 20 lunges (10 each side)
  • 3 sets dumbbell Romanian deadlifts (RDLs) – barbell works great too!
Photo Mar 23, 1 10 50 PM
feet hip-width apart, pick up 2 dumbbells from the floor with slightly bent knees and straight back + arms
Photo Mar 23, 1 10 39 PM
slowly stand up, driving hips forward to neutral, keeping back + arms straight (checking form in mirror is helpful)
  • 5 supersets three-way leg press – perform each exercise for 10 reps in succession for a total of 30 reps in one superset
Photo Mar 23, 1 15 40 PM
1 – narrow stance – feet together, thighs together
Photo Mar 23, 1 16 07 PM
2 – medium stance – feet hip-width apart (a “normal” leg press)
Photo Mar 23, 1 16 15 PM
3 – wide stance – feet at edges of platform, slightly angled out

3 supersets three-way shoulder exercise – press, lateral raise, anterior raise –  perform each exercise for 10 reps in succession for a total of 30 reps in one superset

Photo Mar 23, 1 30 42 PM
1st exercise – shoulder press 1: sit down with back straight, dumbbells at the ready
Photo Mar 23, 1 30 53 PM
shoulder press 2: raise dumbbells up with arms at 90 degree angle
Photo Mar 23, 1 30 52 PM
shoulder press 3: press dumbbells up and overhead, straightening but not locking arms – lower back down to 90 degrees and repeat
Photo Mar 23, 1 31 57 PM
2nd exercise – lateral raise – stand up holding dumbbells at your sides, then raise arms straight out from your sides until shoulder height – pause at top for a second and feel the burn before lowering back down
Photo Mar 23, 1 32 09 PM
3rd exercise – stand with dumbbells in hands, arms at your sides – then raise arms forward until arms at shoulder height



Did you try this workout? What did you think? Share in the comments below!

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