Happy Friday, you beautiful souls!

I had a great Fitness Friday and wanted to share another upper body workout with ya’ll!

I typically do yoga 3-5 times a week, sometimes at the gym on my lunch break and sometimes at home. Today was a great day because I had enough time + energy to get my lunchtime yoga in (which brings incredible balance + peace to my hectic day) and a great post-work pump!

So back + biceps day used to be my least favorite. I never felt very strong while doing it, especially biceps. I naturally have long, stringy arms so that’s my excuse for having trouble building muscle and strength there. Anyway, I’ve recently learned to embrace + enjoy working on these body areas as I’ve noticed gradual, yet significant changes in them over the past year.

I’ve been seriously lifting for over 3 years now, and let me tell you, change happens slooooowly. You don’t lift weights if you want to see immediate change. Granted, it is one of the most effective ways to get lean and trim, but that doesn’t happen overnight.

My upper back is naturally the leanest part of my bod so when changes happen there, they’re the most noticeable to me. Therefore, I’m darn proud of the little back muscles I’ve grown (and my baby lat “wings”) and so now I love working on them even more!

When you see real change as a result of the hard work you’ve put in, that empowers you even more to keep working toward your goals. 

I’ve been focusing on upper back lately since I tweaked my lower back doing a heavy deadlift a few weeks ago.

This workout is all about supersets, which makes it super efficient in two ways:

1) less total rest time between sets (because hey, it’s Friday night and I needed to get home to eat Thai food and get started on House of Cards, of course)

2) it taxes your muscles to the point of exhaustion, which is when the real magic happens (AKA overloading your muscles so they grow big + strong — proper nutrition + rest is key here)

The beauty of a back + biceps workout split is that you are using your biceps during the back exercises, so unless you’re going for Arnold size, you don’t need to isolate biceps too much.

Back + Biceps

4 sets wide grip lat pull downs
superset with  underhand narrow grip lat pull downs
4 sets low rows
superset with bent over dumbbell rows
4 sets seated biceps curls (machine)
superset with standing biceps curl with EZ bar to failure

20 min steady-state running (trying to get ready for outdoor running season!)
5 min cool-down walk
5 min stretching

If you try this workout, leave a note in the comments and let me know how you like it!