The best way to achieve a shapely behind is to build it out of muscle, and that takes hard work! Compound as well as glute isolation exercises (did you know there are actually 3 muscles that make up your booty?) in addition to plyometric blasts will help you feel the burn and build a booty!

I did this workout after returning home from a long, tiring work trip that forced me into a week-long hiatus from the gym. A full rest week a couple times a year can be a good thing–but I was ready to get back into the swing of things! This one left me sore for days…you’ve been warned!




4X10 Barbell back squats (as heavy as you can take while maintaining proper form)
4X10 Sumo deadlifts (as heavy as you can take while maintaining proper form)
3X10 Cable Hip Extensions (each leg)
3X10 Weighted glute bridges (using loaded EZ bar or barbell–remember to pad your hips!)
3X10 Dumbbell Bulgarian split squats (each leg)
4X15 Jump squats

The jump squats at the end really round out this workout–you are pushing yourself to the absolute limit by using your fast-twitch muscle fibers to complete exhaustion! Mix it up with other lower-body plyometrics such as jumping lunges, long jumps or even box jumps! Go all out and wrap it up with some burpees, if you dare.



4X10=4 sets of 10 reps
For guidance and instruction on proper and safe performance of an exercise, consult with an exercise professional.

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