It’s officially SPRING! While the flowers have only just begun to sprout (and it snowed in Chicago last week), my taste buds are ready for fresh spring flavors. How about you?! Before you know it the local market will be loaded with bright spring produce, so get ready with these recipes!

Creamy Asparagus and Pea Soup from Minimalist Baker


Green Pea Patty, Roasted Radish and Lemony Hummus Bowl from Blissful Basil


Ramps Pesto from West of the Loop ramps_pesto_close-900x598

Lemon Cream Pasta with Asparagus and Peas from The Veg Life!


Toast with Radishes and Dandelion Greens from Love & Lemons


 Ginger Carrot Radish Salad from Healthy Seasonal Recipes


Slow Roasted Spring Leeks + Toasty Farro with Walnut Rocket Pesto from Happy Hearted Kitchen


Simple Asparagus Ramp Soup with Rustic Spelt Bread from The First Mess


Spring Tartine with Spring Pea Hummus, Grilled Asparagus and Lemon Zest from The Full Helping



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